Caring For Wooden Items

Wood is durable and long lasting, but after extended use wooden items sometimes need a little extra care and attention to ensure that they stay looking and feeling their best.

If you need to clean a spoon, bowl or other wooden item a gentle wash with warm soapy water and a quick rinse or wipe should do the trick. Avoid scrubbing or soaking in water as this will cause the natural fibres in the wood to swell and could cause permanent damage. Please don’t be tempted to put items in the dishwasher as this will cause serious damage.

Using the items regularly will naturally change the way they look and feel. I like to think that this process adds character and makes the pieces more unique and personal to their owner.

However, should you wish to restore the piece to the silky smooth finish it had when it first came into your life just rub a little oil or wood balm into the surface of the wood, leave to soak in and then gently polish off with a soft cloth.

Here are some easy to find natural oils that work well:

  • coconut oil
  • cold pressed flax oil 
  • mineral oil

On the whole, cooking oils like olive oil and vegatable oil shouldn’t be used as these will deteriorate over time and could become rancid. 

If your item has been particularly heavily used or washed you may find that the surface of the wood starts to feel a little rough. The roughness you can feel is raised fibres in the wood. If this happens don’t be afraid to give the surface a light rub with some fine sandpaper. Use at least a 400 grit and rub along the grain rather than across it. Apply a little oil or wood balm afterwards and your item will be just like new in no time.